Primi Piatti

Enjoying dinner amid the summer air at Primi Piatti Restaurant was a delicious end to a rather long day in Palermo

Our group dinner at Primi Piatti was an experience I greatly looked forward to. The food of Palermo and Sicilian food in general is very distinct. So, I looked forward to a delicious group dinner as a celebration of culture and our time together coming to an end.

At first, our large group was seated indoors. As it was quite warm in the summer heat and the space did not seem to have air conditioning, that was not the best choice of location. Luckily, some negotiations later, we all were sat in various tables outside in the breezy and comfortable alleyway.

Seated, I was delighted in the simplicity and downright reasonability of the menu. Finally, the prices were actually decent, just off of the main strip of the historical core of Palermo.

Noelle and I ordered a bottle of ALLINI WINERY’S PROSECCO EXTRA DRY from Northern Italy. It was easy to drink and set the tone for the evening.

We shared the ANTIPASTO DI ARRETTATI MISTI (3 types of cheeses, 3 types of cured meats, olives) for our first course.

Next up was the MARGHERITA PIZZA (Tomato, Mozzarella, Oregano).

For my main dish, I absolutely savored the SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE (clams, garlic, parsley, tomato).

The food was tasty. Dining outside amid the summer air, it was a luxury to comprehend the fact that I was sitting on a sidewalk in Palermo, basking in the conversation and community and relishing life.

Truly, dinner at Primi Piatti was a delicious end to a rather long day in Palermo.

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Ristorante Primi Piatti

Vicolo San Giuseppe 2/C Centro Storico
90134, Palermo Italy
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