Porta Terra Restaurante

Relaxing for lunch at Porta Terra Restaurante in Cefalu was an experience in delicious relaxed refinement, while watching the world pass me by

Walking around Cefalu, I knew I wanted to have lunch in a memorable place. The first location I chose, Cortile Pepe was closed. I was exceptionally sad, due to the high ratings and Michelin 2021 standing.

Searching some more, I noticed Porta Terra and it felt familiar, yet unknown to me. So, following my Google Maps walking directions (Google Maps is usually much better than Apple Maps in Europe), I made my way to Porta Terra and took a seat outside. The day was absolutely gorgeous, with the sun comfortably radiant in the summer sky.

After settling in, I browsed the menu via QR code.

I – of course – ordered a SICILIAN SPRITZ (Mandarin bitters, sparkling wine, brut, soda) to start.

Then, the CACIO E PEPE IN SICILIA (Ravioli stuffed with Sicilian pecorino and black pepper served with Ragusano DOP sauce and Tuma persa flakes), which was just – unrealistically delicious. It was the type of dish that makes one irritated that you cannot duplicate the same experience in the United States.


Because you’re eating cacao e pepe in Sicily while watching life pass you by.

For ending bites, I absolutely savored the TIRAMISU (Ladyfingers soaked in coffee and Marsala, Madonie ricotta foam and cocoa crunch) and sipped on a lovely shot of LIMONCELLO (Vol 32%. Homemade CBT Limoncello with local seasonal lemons)

Sitting there, taking in all of the life and essence of being present in the moment, was magic. Lunch at Porta Terra Restaurante was a quintessential afternoon meal in a coastal Italian town.

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Porta Terra Restaurante

Piazza Garibaldi, 5
90015, Cefalù Italy
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