Montreux Jazz Café

Dinner after listening to jazz at Montreux Jazz Café was the quintessential Montreux experience, in Montreux, Switzerland

It was a quick and beautiful walk from my hotel at the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, down Avenue Claude Nobs to the Montreux Jazz Cafe. Located inside of the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, the restaurant is in the front,  with Funky Claude’s Bar tucked in the back of the restaurant.

From the moment I walked in, I was gobsmacked by how beautiful it was. Switzerland is in a league of its own with beautiful food, beautiful people and impeccable beautiful decor. With that being said, Montreux Jazz Cafe is the epitome of relaxed refinement.

Unsure of how I wanted the evening to go, I asked the hostess about evening’s entertainment at Funky Claude’s Bar and differences in each venue’s menu. Based on her suggestion, I decided to spend an hour at Funky Claude’s, listening to Ann Vriend. Then, I would return to the restaurant for dinner.

Settling in to my table later in the evening, I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the magic of the evening as I browsed the menu.

I ordered KIMBEROSE (Vodka Ketel One, St-Germain, Framboise, Litchi, Jus de Poire, Rose Espuma de Champagne) as my starting cocktail. It was visually delightful, with a hint of sweetness and smooth fruit. I enjoyed it with the bread course.

In conversation with my waiter, I chose the RISOTTO ÉPICÉ (Spicy risotto, rock lobster, creamy bisque) as my main course.

When it arrived, I was stunned. The dish was beautiful. The purple flowers were the perfect contrast to the tomato based creamy dish. From first bite, I felt that I made the right choice. And, the piece of lobster on the top, as well as the delicious chunks within the dish, provided the exact flavor profile I was looking for.

Most importantly? The portion size was perfect. I devoured the dish while I reflected on my travels. The music floated through the space as I stared at the rain falling softly outside the window. It was a series of perfect moments.

For desert, I took my waiter’s advice again and ordered the ELLA’S CHEESECAKE and a decaf coffee. Now, when he described the dish to me, I was a bit skeptical. Cheesecake in Switzerland? When I could have cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory back home? Could it really be different?

Yes. Yes it definitely was. My coffee was served in a visually brilliant gold toned tableware. The cheesecake was a visual masterpiece, served as a piece of art.

Upon first bite, the cheesecake was velvet upon my tongue. It was light years beyond anything I’d previously enjoyed. It was smooth like cutting butter, creamy and tasted like magic.

Truly, it was the perfect way to end my evening.

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Montreux Jazz Café at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

Av. Claude-Nobs 2
1820, Montreux Switzerland
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