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After biking 11 miles during cicLAvia Venice, beer at Los Angeles Ale Works was a much needed treat, in Culver City, California

After biking an awesome 11 miles during the cicLAvia Venice event, Rosemary and I were in need of two things: a glass or two of delicious beer and really good food.

Returning to our starting point at Platform Culver City, we quickly settled on visiting Los Angeles Ale Works.

After locking up our bikes, we went inside. I asked about BONUS TIME, a triple IPA. However, that wasn’t on draft and was only poured from a can. When I go to a brewery, I don’t want to pay extra for something I can just buy in the store section, just to have someone else pour it for me. So, I settled on the  DOURLE WESTY West Coast style Double IPA (9%).

As I maneuvered to get seating, I appreciated the vibrancy and spaciousness of the location. It was just fun to celebrate such a lovely event (of riding down to Venice Blvd on bikes – instead of in a car) with other bicycling enthusiasts who also loved good beer.

Spotting the food truck, Stopbye Cafe, I pondered with Rosemary on if the food would be good. After all, Los provided Indonesian Fusion cuisine for us. Immediately after staring at the photo, I ordered the RED BEEF CURRY LOADED FRIES.

Sharing them with Rosemary, I had such appreciation for so much in my life. Just for the pleasure of being alive. There is so much good in this world and so many brilliantly beautiful reasons to be alive.

The day before, I watched someone drown in the Pacific Ocean. I watched as two Good Samaritans swam  out to pull him back to the shore, as there are no lifeguards at Rosie’s Dog Beach. I watched as people did chest compressions until the fire department showed up and took over. I sat with his aunt and talked with her, as she awaited official confirmation of the final result. I heard the screams his little children made, hugged the mother of his children and said “I’m so sorry.”

There is far too much good in humanity and community to focus on what separates us, vs what unites us. As I talked to Rosemary and continued to processed what happened, I truly was simply grateful for our friendship and conversation.

And for one sperm meeting one egg, which created our moments together.

Sometimes, that’s truly all you need: gratitude for life over conversation, beer and food.

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Los Angeles Ale Works

8809 Washington Blvd, Suite #132
Culver City, California 90232
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