Intro To Woodworking Class At Allied Woodworking

The best part of taking an Intro To Woodworking Class at Allied Woodworking? Leaving class with my new wood cutting board.

I’d been curious about Allied Woodworking ever since I randomly found out that Nick Offerman had a woodwork shop named Offerman Woodshop.

I’d been watching my emails for woodworking classes that would fit my schedule. Plus, I had a Fake Interest Friend that had expressed interest in doing the class with me. However, as typical with Fake Interest Friend, when it came time to book the class, she conveniently “forgot” to. Which left me to attend the class solo.

Which was completely fine. Par for the course, really.

Working with wood was EXTREMELY fun. I realized it is a craft that resonates deeply with me – like my ceramic work. During this class, it offered a unique blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and connection with nature.

The joys of woodworking are multifaceted: there’s the satisfaction of transforming raw wood into functional and beautiful objects, the meditative rhythm of working with hand tools or the precision of machinery, and the tangible sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a project.

Beyond the practical aspects, woodworking also fosters a profound appreciation for the inherent beauty of wood itself, with its grains, colors, and textures telling a story of growth and history.

It’s a process that engages not just the hands but the mind, requiring problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a keen eye for design.

Ultimately, woodworking offers a pathway to both artistic expression and practical utility, making it a deeply rewarding pursuit for enthusiasts of all skill levels. I went in with a desire to play and walk out with something useful.

Shaving it, molding it, sanding it and sealing it – I can’t speak highly enough of the process and result.

I still use my cutting board as a serving platter and love to touch it and feel the love I had when making it, still infused in it.

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Allied Woodworking

4160 Whiteside Street
Los Angeles, California 90063
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