Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

Driving my favorite Porsche at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles was an intoxicating experience of accelerated pleasure

It’s sometimes weird what brings you to a certain experience. For the Porsche Experience, I remember being on a sales call with my brokerage. One of the higher ups bragged and said that he would book the real estate agent who used a title company the most, in a certain period of time, a Porsche experience at the Porsche Experience Center in Carson.

Another time, I was out to dinner with a former friend and Channel. The person bragged incessantly about how his company took him to the Porsche Experience Center for a day of driving cars and dining at the restaurant.

In both cases, a man bragged about how high and esteemed driving at the Experience Center was. One wanted to encourage it as a method for agents to hit a company income goal.

Another wanted to brag about it being a work perk.

I said to myself – “I don’t need a man to buy this for me. If I want it, I’ll just buy it for myself.”

So, I did.

An all electric PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO  – in blue, of course – was my car of choice. And it was absolutely gorgeous – and oh so much fun to drive.

It was a lead follow type of experience, with the instructor speaking through a radio through the passenger seat. Honestly, I prefer this way rather than instructor as a passenger method.

The track was open and unique. I was able to do a various amount of things (drifting, 0-60 in 5ish seconds) that were just… dumb fun.

My favorite part of the course was taking the Taycan out on the Acceleration Straight.


My least favorite? The Low Friction Circle. Not a fan, at all of drifting. So much so that when I later did the BMW Performance Driving School Experience in Spartanburg, South Carolina, I opted to simply watch other people do it, rather than do it myself.

Which was absolutely fine by me. I’m not going to be pressured to do something I don’t like, just to have a dick swinging contest with ego driven men. Not my style.

But what is?  Driving a Porsche Taycan Turbo. That car is sexy AF.

And – you know what’s also fire? Loving an experience so much that you buy a friend the experience as well as a thank you present. Plus, driving back and taking photos of another friend during his experience.

Why? For the pleasure of watching them have fun because they helped you through a challenging time.


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Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

19800 Main Street
Carson, California 90745
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