Grand Hyatt Berlin

My short stay at the Grand Hyatt Berlin was pure luxury - with heated bathroom floors - in the heart of Berlin, Germany

The most important thing for me to feel comfortable in a new city is choosing the right hotel. When searching Berlin, I knew that I wanted a place that was close to major areas I wanted to tour, offered comfortable suites and was appropriately priced for what I wanted to spend. With all these factored in, there was only one clear winner: Grand Hyatt Berlin.

Mainly, because it looked central to everything and – most importantly – comfortable. After a few days prior at the Hoxton Williamsburg in New York, I knew I wanted to book a large room to spread out well and enjoy. My stay at the Grand Hyatt Berlin checked off my boxes, and more. Plus, I loved the unique public in the area.


When I arrived to the Berlin airport, it was relatively easy to get an Uber to the Grand Hyatt Berlin. When I arrived at the hotel, I was delighted. Even with it being overcast and cloudy. The Gran Hyatt Berlin was everything I wanted it to be.

My room was ready ahead of schedule. Which allowed me to take a much needed, much appreciated nap before my evening Berlin: 1-Hour City Tour by Boat by Get Your Guide.

Because Berlin is so spread out, Grand Hyatt Berlin was perfect for me reaching the places I needed to go, easily. Plus, when my Berlin: Highlights of Berlin Walking Tour with Get Your Guide was complete at the Brandenburg Gate, it was a relatively short walk through the Tiergarden, back to the the hotel.


When I arrived, check in was incredibly easy. But, the real star of the show as my room. It was exactly the space of luxury that I wanted. Perhaps – most importantly – THE FLOORS OF THE BATHROOM WERE HEATED. This was lovely for late night bathroom needs.

I also enjoyed drinks and conversations at Vox Cigar Bar and buffet breakfast at Vox Restaurant.


From check in to check out, it was seamless, high end service. I didn’t feel afraid, traveling alone in a new country. (I rarely do, honestly) Instead, I felt – a strong sense of place. The front desk was outstanding. Every question I had was answered. Every suggestion for food? Given in knowledge and kindness.

As I had access to the Club Floor, I made it my priority to visit once. I enjoyed partaking in cocktail hour and later, writing notes about my trip on my computer  in relaxed comfort. The wines were great, as well as the lounge food.


Honestly, my stay at Grand Hyatt Berlin was much too short. But, while I stayed, it was lovely. Overall, I loved everything about the hotel. It was close to everything I wanted to see in Berlin, the bed was extremely comfortable and truly everything I wanted. I was able to get Uber rides where I wanted, when I wanted. (Which frankly, after dealing with getting Ubers in Paris a few months prior, was such pleasure)

My time at the Grand Hyatt Berlin was simply a lovely stay.

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Grand Hyatt Berlin

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2
10785 Berlin, Germany
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