Don’t Get Taxi Scammed: Three Travel Tips for Traveling in Paris

I got scammed in Paris by a full of shit taxi driver. These are my tips for how you can avoid the same fate.

During a previous visit to Paris, the hotel doorman at Hotel du Louvre always requested my taxi. But this time, my friend and I got scammed from Crazy Horse back to the Hoxton Paris.

As it was a little after midnight, only had 5 hours before I had to head to the airport and I was literally too tired and rather annoyed, I prioritized getting to the hotel quickly over using Google Translate to tell the driver about himself. Plus, I was splitting the fare. So, what was done was done.

If a taxi driver tells you that it’s a flat rate, they are lying.
If a taxi driver says they can’t take card, only cash, they are lying.
If it’s after midnight and your emotionally drained from your travels – consider it a donation.

After I checked what Uber was charging for same ride, I asked a man at the front desk of the Hoxton Paris about the bullshit. He sympathized – and then stressed to alway use Uber or have the front desk request your rides, due to the unscrupulous nature of drivers.

So, with that I share this….

DO NOT mindlessly get into a taxi unless you speak fluent French or want to get scammed. Period.

Welcome Pickups

Due to the early nature of the return ride needed to the airport, I pre booked the drive via Welcome Pickups. Normally, a ride from Central Paris to Charles du Gaulle Airport is around E50. But, I simply did not want to have bullshit happen. So, the pre booked drive was perfect.


I will say this: If you are in Italy or France, order your taxis…

1) through the hotel front desk

2) through the G7 app

3) through Uber.

Unless you speak the local language, remember that they do not have your best interest at heart. They can and will scam you for a buck.  A FLAT RATE, UNLESS YOU ARE COMING FROM THE AIRPORT, IS A LIE. I cannot stress this enough.


If you’re using the train, be mindful to NOT place your train ticket near your phone or a portable battery.

It will de magnetize. 

I hope this helps someone else in their travels.


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