Château de Chillon

Spending sunset at Château de Chillon and touring the castle was a gorgeous way to spend time in Veytaux, Switzerland

In planning my trip to Switzerland, I knew that I wanted to focus on the remarkable historic architecture of the area. Namely, castles.

At once, I was obsessed with visiting Annecy, an alpine town in southeastern France. Specifically, to take photos of the Château d’Annecy. However, because I was schedule to arrive in Geneva at 9am, I simply did not want to obsessively worry about excessively traveling and worrying. I just wanted to be in one country and enjoy the area.

When I checked into the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic, Autograph Collection in Montreux, I immediately knew that I made the right choice in not trying to cram everything in over two days.

Upon check in, I spoke with the front desk about suggestions of what to see in the area. One of the best things about staying at Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic (besides the amazing views) was receiving the Montreux Riviera Card that gave me discounts to various places in the region. After view a map and talking with the front desk, I decided to teach myself how to use the public transport system to navigate to Château de Chillon.

The Château de Chillon stands as an iconic symbol of Swiss history and architecture. Its origins trace back to the early medieval period, with the earliest recorded mentions dating to the 12th century. Initially built by the Dukes of Savoy, the castle served as a strategic stronghold controlling key trade routes through the region.

Over the centuries, the Château de Chillon underwent expansions and modifications, evolving from a fortress into a formidable castle complex. Its strategic location on the shores of Lake Geneva afforded it both defensive advantages and stunning natural surroundings, further enhancing its allure.

Throughout its history, the Château de Chillon has witnessed numerous conflicts and political upheavals, including clashes between the House of Savoy and rival powers. Despite its military significance, the castle also served as a residence for Savoyard nobility and later as a state prison.

It was all vastly interesting to learn.

As I toured the castle, I reflected on how beautiful the historic displays and space were curated.

Château de Chillon stands as one of Switzerland’s most visited historic sites, offering visitors a glimpse into the country’s medieval past, stunning architecture, and captivating legends that have been woven into its stone walls for centuries.

The structure and grounds offer a powerful sense of timeless presence. As I watched the sun set across Lake Geneva, against the clouds, I was in awe of the beautiful of Earth … and the legacies of our lives that survive beyond us.

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Château de Chillon

Avenue de Chillon 21
CH 1820, Veytaux Switzerland
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