Alchemy Ritual Goods

Alchemy Ritual Goods in the Curtis Park area of Denver offers lovely metaphysical based items for your energetic desires

There are some places that, when I walk into, radiant peace and clean energy. After a lovely breakfast with fellow sorority sisters at Etas Cafe, I unfortunately felt excessively energetically heavy. Our conversation of catching up with each other’s lives since post grad had been filled with honest truths, emotional depth and deep reflections. Combined with not sleeping properly due to altitude sickness, and I was in need of some extra ordinary help to feel myself again.

After a quick search, I felt drawn to make my way to Alchemy Ritual Goods. When I entered the store, I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a vibe.

As I walked around, I felt myself become truly grounded in the space. I picked up things I felt drawn to and enjoyed. I ended up buying a lovely selection of incense and a necklace of nazar, the traditional eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. Immediately upon putting it on, I began to feel a bit better.

While paying for my items, I began a light conversation with Kera Tilwe, who rang me up. She told me that she had a selection of sprays in store. Curious, I walked over and tried the one that caught my attention. I ended up buying  her Inner Child Spray by her company, Beloved Radiance (@beloved.radiance).

My time at Alchemy Ritual Goods was a solid choice in grounding my energy and getting the additional energetic tools to help out.

I still wear my nazar necklace and spray the Inner Child spray at the start and end of the day.

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Alchemy Ritual Goods

2700 Arapahoe St #101
Denver, Colorado 80205
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