Sushi NAKATA is a cozy, intimately sized restaurant, with top notch sushi lunch menu, in Monrovia, California

After a Mayan abdominal massage session at a local business in the area, I was in desperate need for food. Driving around the Main Street area of Monrovia, I was actually more surprised to see a quaint yet updated classic Main Street – complete with old school main street vibes as well.

At first, I thought I just wanted to stop in a coffee shop and get a cup and read for a bit. Then, as my hunger grew as I looked for parking, that thought expanded to sandwiches at a gastropub I saw. Finally, when I went up a random street to find parking, my eyes settled on Sushi NAKATA. With that, I knew that would be my destination for lunch.

Finding a seat at the window nook, I was excited. Here, in Monrovia, I seemed to a found a homestyle sushi restaurant with friendly staff, dedicated regulars as patrons, all packaged up in a cute decor.

But, best of all? I saw they had a solid lunch menu!

I ordered the REGULAR NIGIRI (8pc+1Hand roll: Blue fin Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, Sea bream, Halibut, Shad, Shrimp – with SPICY TUNA HAND ROLL (Spicy tuna with avocado, Cucumber). With miso soup and salad for lunch)

Alongside, I ordered the LIME ROLL (Spicy tuna and crab meat inside topped with albacore, yuzu miso).

Regarding the Lime Roll…. Now, I will say that there is something about yuzu miso that makes my mouth extremely happy. I wanted to literally buy a bottle and pour it on everything. I truly felt like I had stumbled onto a surprise gift for the day. It was great!

The nigiri selection was *chefs kiss*. The hand roll was overflowing with girth. It truly felt that – finally – in a world of overcharging for everything – I received a suitable value for the price paid.

Finishing up my lunch at Sushi NAKATA, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit for my desires.

Overall, my lunch at Sushi NAKATA was a filling and delicious note of where to eat in Monrovia, in the San Gabriel Valley.

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108 E Lime Avenue
Monrovia, California 91016
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