Pacman Sunset Restaurant

My last sunset dinner in Greece was at Pacman at the Adronis Arcadia in Oia. It was a scene, a moment, and a place to be seen in Oia.

In searching for The Best Restuarant For Sunsets in Santorini, various names kept coming up in my searches. But, one that kept coming up was Pacman Sunset Restuarant in Oia at the north of the island.

The reviews are mixed on Trip Advisor and Yelp. But, the key is to know what to expect when you go, so you won’t be surprised.

I have to be honest. The prices of the dishes at Pacman actually shocked me. I remember shit texting a friend, laughing at what I’d gotten myself into. She laughed and agreed.

I started with the STILL MINERAL WATER (oh yes, because I paid for it and it was stored at the side of my table) and got the GREEK INFLUENCE (Metaxa Greek Brandy / Rakomdo/ Melckoumi) cocktail.

I then had some light bites of the PITA BREAD & DIPS (Breads served with olive selection & tomato purée) before diving into the CRISPY TEMPURA ROLL (Shrimp tempura, Japanese mayo & tobiko orange caviar) and the SEA BASS CEVICHE (lime, jalapenos, red onion, avocado & coriander)

Now, was it the best crispy tempura roll I’ve ever had?

No, I’m from Los Angeles, California.

But, was it an experience to eat sushi while watching the sun set in Oia in Santorini?

Yes, yes it damn well was.

I chose the WAGYU BEEF FILLET WITH FRIES as my main dish.

Again, I must stress, one must not come to Pacman for the food. Yes, it’s decent and even better than average.

Is it a the same level as The French Laundry or Per Se? Ha! Not in the least.

But, does it offer one of the best, life affirming sunsets on the island in an ambiance of relaxed refinement and luxury?

Yes. Plus, it’s an absolutely beautiful restaurant.

As the sun set, I made peace with my limited view. After my outstanding view at Idol Restaurant the previous evening, it felt refreshing to not need to capture everything at once. Instead, I watched the sun set with my eyes.

When it disappeared beyond the horizon, a security guard standing to the side started clapping. Which immediately made other people start clapping out of instinct. I was amused.

Later, after laughing and paying the bill, I realized I’d had my full of Santorini. I’d spent four days and three nights exploring, expanding and spending. It felt right to close on Pacman and look forward to the rest of my tour of central Europe.

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Pacman Sunset Restaurant at Andronis Arcadia Hotel

Oia 847 02
Santorini, Greece
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