Flying Dress Santorini Photography Shoot

My flying dress photography experience with Santorini Flying Dress in Santorini, Greece was an incredible, powerful, and self affirming experience - overlooking Imerovigli coast.

There is something magical about booking a photo shoot for oneself. Yes, validation from another person can be nice. But, booking a photography shoot in Santorini, Greece is something that I never thought I would do. Call it a vision of self worth or a doubt that I was attractive enough to warrant the cost.  magical for yourself offers a sense of freedom.

I first noticed Dani’s listing for Flying Dress Santorini Photo Shoot on Airbnb Experiences. Interested, as her reviews looked solid, I checked out her Instagram. It was solid as well. Mainly, because I saw people with my skin tone photographed beautifully.

Representation matters.

Conversation and negotiation on what was to be included and where to meet was easy and straightforward. I added two dress changes and an assistant for an extra 100€.

Meeting Up

Due to traffic on the island, Dani arrived a bit later than expected. I was able to make small talk with the assistant, who was a kindly fellow. Dani arrived shortly and offered me water, which was greatly appreciated. Per our agreement, I paid her cash for the session and we were on our way.

The Flying Dress Photography Session

After meeting and exchanging pleasantries at the coffeeshop, we quickly walked to the point of our first photos. The moment I laid eyes on the vast splendor of Imerovigli, my eyes slightly watered in awe. It was incredibly beautiful. The elevation of Imerovigli was incredible. It offered the highest view of the caldera, with a sweeping vista.

I changed in the shade of some random area, close to our first shoot area. Honestly, I was a little intimidated. The beauty of Imerovigli was overwhelming. However, I had to separate my body from the negative, self challenging tape that began playing in my head. I felt myself become self conscious by the fact that I was a size 14 and not a size 4, have smaller breasts, and generally the list goes one.

However, a larger, more expansive part of myself began to calm my mind down. How? I starting thinking about who the fuck actually cares and how silly it was to belittle myself mentally for achieving a dream.

I was traveling in Santorini, Greece.

Yes, I was about to engage in a photo shoot.

But above it all, this photo shoot was for me to look back on – when I’m decades older – and say “I did that! I truly fucking did that!”

With a little posing guidance from Dani, I was on my way.

Now, meeting at 3pm had its drawbacks. It was HOT. The cute style that I had created for my hair quickly faded. I felt my makeup sweat under the relentless heat of the Grecian sun. But – I felt that even for the late start, Dani handled everything quickly and professionally. The flying dress assistant was fun. My nerves quickly settled as I posed and visualized the final photos.

After the Session

Due to the random place you might change, I would highly suggest carrying a bag. I just had my phone and hotel key in a small bag, along with the clothes I was wearing pre-shoot. But, I would have felt better if I could have stored my items in something light but portable instead of just randomly on the ground.

After the session, Dani confirmed that she would have the photos to me by a certain time, thanked me for the session and we parted ways. Honestly, after such an intense event, it took a bit for me to come down. I spent my remaining time walking around Imerovigli, enjoying an ice cream and the spectacular vistas around me.

The white buildings with blue domed tops – I was truly in Greece.

The Results

The resulting images shifted my vision of myself, my journey as a woman in the time and space and made me feel alive. I was there. I experienced this. I mattered.

So, to anyone who is wondering about if they should book a flying dress photoshoot, wherever you are, I have this to say to you.

You are worth it.

Do it.

- -

Flying Dress Santorini Photo Shoot with Santorini Flying Dress

Flying Dress Santorini Photo Shoot
Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece
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