Idol Restaurant Bar

My sunset dinner at Idol Restaurant Bar in Santorini, overlooking the caldera and the Aegean Sea, was visually incredible and orally delicious

To see a quintessential Santorini sunset, Greg, at the Magma Resort Santorini – The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, called and booked me a table at Idol Restaurant Bar in Thira.

Now, this was my second day in Santorini and my first time in Thera. I enjoyed my light and brisk walk to Idol, which was located perfectly perched overlooking the Aegean Sea.

My jaw dropped. THIS view was the Santorini that I dreamed about. And my seat? Absolutely perfect. Even the giant cruise ship in the sea, being present in almost every photo I took didn’t bother me. I was struck with the moment that I was in Greece, having The Grecian Sunset Experience, even better than I could have imagined.

Doing a bit of research into the area, I discovered that around 1600 BCE, the island experienced a massive volcanic eruption known as the Minoan eruption. This cataclysmic event is one of the most significant volcanic eruptions in recorded history. It led to the collapse of the central portion of the island, forming a large caldera that is now filled with the Aegean Sea.

The caldera sunset view is mesmerizing. It was incredible to be in the presence of the results of history.  Plus, I absolutely loved my seat. It offered an absolutely gorgeous view of EVERYTHING.

When I checked in at the hostess station, I actually saw Greg from the hotel in the lobby. In kindness, I asked if he wanted to join me for dinner. It was absolutely lovely to learn about the Greek culture from his point of view, his background and life on the island. Plus, it was nice to not be solo for just one activity in my adventure.

I ordered the TRILOGY OF TRADITIONAL DIPS (Fish roe cream, smoked aubergine salad, and fava with bread) for us, to start. I also ordered a CARPACCIO SALAD, which was delicious with the accompanying thick bread. Both dishes were light, refreshing and truly made me feel that I was tasting the energy of the island and Grecian cuisine.

For my main dish, I savored the LAMB SHANK (Braised with traditional trahanas and Gruyere cheese) I believe my dish was a special of the day, with risotto instead of trahanas and cheese.  When it arrived, I was in olfactory heaven. It was love at first bite.

The warm Grecian sun warmed my skin as it began its decent to the horizon. As the sun began to set, I became transfixed. Everywhere I looked provided a different view and perspective.

For dessert, Greg talked them into giving us the CHOCOLATE (Bitter chocolate cream, Greek coffee brownie, caramel crumble, vanilla ice-cream) as a complimentary treat.

And then, he talked them into giving me a discount on the bill, as he spoke Greek and said the right things.

Later, I enjoyed walking along the quaint streets and stopping in stores as I meandered back to my driver’s pick up point.

Truly, dinner at Idol Restaurant Bar was an experience in an intangible sense of magic. It was the perfect location that satisfied my goal of watching the stunning sunset in a truly incredible environment.

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Idol Restaurant Bar

Fira Town
Thira 847 00, Greece
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