Horses, in West Hollywood, is a truly unique, one of a kind restaurant to see and be seen while eating decadence, delicious food

First off, I will be open and honest and say that every time I think of Horses, I still think of this story in the Los Angeles Times. I found out about Horses first, during a session with my facialist. Then, while on a meditation and yoga retreat in Sicily, I listened to a fellow retreat attendee rave about the food and deliciousness of the ambiance.

So, when it was time to take Sara out for her birthday dinner, our yearly tradition, the only place that was suitable was Horses.

When I arrived, Sara was already enjoying the HORSES’ VESPER (Gin infused with fig leaf, vodka, Cocchi Americano). So, once we sat, I immediately ordered the same. Her rave reviews were more than warranted. It was delicious.

Now, it’s rare when a place raves about their BREAD AND BUTTER. Frankly, if it’s not a Thomas Keller restaurant, I’m skeptical. However, this simple dish at Horses was outstanding.

Next up was a delivery of the HORSES CAESAR to the table. Originally, we both assumed that the salad would be delivered alongside the steak. But, nope. We enjoyed it as its own course. Again, scrumptious. However, because it was delivered so early to the meal, I ordered an additional side and specified that it be delivered with the main course.

Soon after came the PIZZA (off menu – spicy vodka with sausage and basil). Now, there is a fine line between wanting to devour a dish because it’s so delicious and having the restraint to wait.  I will admit, this was a challenge. The pizza – with its flavor filled spice – was delicious.

Finishing up our starter drinks, we both ordered the BOULEVARDIER (Bourbon, St. Agrestis and Dolin Rouge). This cocktail with perfectly as we enjoyed our main course – the BUTCHER’S STEAK (grilled over vine cuttings with celeriac dauphinois and watercress) and a side of FRIES. I could not think of a more perfect selection for this course.

Concluding our meal, a slice of the SHEEP’S MILK CHEESECAKE (with poached plum) was brought out, with a song and a candle.

It was an absolutely incredible evening of celebration over food, with a very dear friend.

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7617 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90046
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