Finney’s Crafthouse – Ventura

Finney's Crafthouse in Ventura offered the right amount of outdoor seating, great beer on draft and choice food options for two hungry bike rider.

After a few miles of biking along the Pacific Ocean, Leanne and I were quite hungry – to say the least. Something about salt air, sunshine and vibes combined with the hilly terrain of the bike path made us hungry for some solid modern bar cuisine.

After a quick stop at Topa Topa Brewing Co. on Thompson for some delicious beers, we needed a place for more substantial substance. After a quick search, we settled on Finney’s Crafthouse. Finishing our beers, we biked up to Main Street and got a table.

In short, the menu was like a greatest hits of beer food. I settled on the BAVARIAN PRETZEL (Pale ale cheese, sweet mustard, caramel) and the MINI AHI POKE TACOS (Avocado, soy, yuzu crema, wonton crisps).

Wanting to enjoy another glass under the warm California sun, I ordered a pint of  MOTHER EARTH CALI CREAMIN’ (5.2%) from Vista, CA (Nitro Vanilla cream ale, malty backbone, vanilla beans, cream soda kick)

I must say, I enjoyed every bite and every moment. The beer was smooth, with slight hint of creamy vanilla on the profile.

The pretzel and accompanying dipping sauces were perfect together. The caramel sauce as a surprising win on the taste buds. It worked well with the saltiness of the pretzel. The pale ale cheese and sweet mustard were tried and true classics.

The mini tacos were crispy, tasty and tres Californian cuisine. It was a perfect series of moments that produced the exact sensations that people travel the world over to come to California and have.

Beers and light bites, up from the beach, after a rewarding bike ride next to the ocean? Definitely a vibe to remember and return to again.

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Finney's Crafthouse - Ventura

494 E Main St
Ventura, California 93001
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