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Breakfast at All Day Baby in Silverlake was a solid way to ring in the New Year - with some caveats du jour.

To start the New Year off beautifully, I looked forward to seeing Sondra for breakfast. Since she’d moved to San Diego a few years ago, we’d only conversed via direct messages on social media. So, when she told me that she would be in Los Angeles for the New Year, I was absolutely delighted. I picked All Day Baby for breakfast.

Honestly, breakfast at All Day Baby in Silverlake was a prime lesson in making the best of a “no alterations” and inventory management situation.

I started with the IRISH GREETINGS (Slane Irish Whiskey, Mr. Black Cold Brew Liqueur, Brown Butter, Saliza Amaretto, Orgeat, Lime, Mint, Espresso, Absinthe, Cherry).

For my main dish, I debated a few items before settling on the ADB LOCO MOCO (teriyaki-glazed spam, breakfast sausage, rice, country gravy, fried egg, scallions, black lime togarashi).

Now, this is where the problem lay. Apparently, the ADB Loco Moco is a dish that does not allow modifications of anytime. Unfortunately, It does not say that on the menu. So, when my waiter offhandedly said it to me, I was disappointed. But, was assured that I would receive a plate to take the egg off, myself.

The dish is legit rice with gravy, with spam and sausage on top. However, the kitchen could easily have removed the egg. It doesn’t make it any less perfect and it doesn’t waste an egg –  that I’ve clearly stated that I will not, under any circumstances, eat.

Again, goes back to inventory management.

I also ordered a side of avocado to add protein to my meal. After minutes of getting my Loco Moco but not receiving a follow up check in, I got up and asked the waiter about my avocado and the additional jelly my friend wanted. He then checked – and then said that they’d run out of the avocado, because of the holidays.

Again. Inventory management and managing customers expectations is key.

At this point, I was getting more frustrated than I’d wanted to be. So, I ordered a side of the “TIGRE” HOT SAUCE to add some seasoning to the dish and called it for what it was.

My main reason to eat at All Day Baby was to see Sondra for breakfast and converse over her upcoming writing residency in Senegal. Not to focus on disappointment with the restaurant. This shift in focus allowed me to truly enjoy my time at All Day Baby.

Complete with the caveats reported.

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All Day Baby

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