Paper Dosa

Paper Dosa

Paper Dosa in Sante Fe, New Mexico served me something I’d never had before in Indian cuisine- dosas!

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October 25, 2023
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After such a hectic traveling day from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the day had flown by. Before I knew it, it was time to decide where I would be having dinner, table for one.

After browsing a few New Mexico Cuisine spots, I didn’t see anything that really pulled my attention. So, I called the front desk of Ten Thousand Waves and asked for a suggestion of where to eat. The kind voice on the other side of the line recommended – without hesitation – Paper Dosa.

Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised at the decor. I’d never had Indian dosas before. So, I was excited for the opportunity. I was able to choose if I wanted to sit outside or inside. As I felt more comfortable inside, I was guided to a table with a wonderful view of the indoor seating area.

I started with the PAPPADUM WITH CHUTNEYS (Lentil cracker with basil, sweet onion, tamarind, and roasted garlic chutneys). The dipping sauces were mild, compared to the full flavor of what I’m used to in Los Angeles. However, they were full of flavor. Just not – beat your head overpowering.

I continued with the LAMB KEEMA DOSA (A dosa served with a side of spiced ground lamb cooked with tomatoes and onions). Now, when this came out, my mouth opened wide in surprise. It was SO interesting! The dosa looked like a giant rolled flat bread.

Alongside, came the KERALA CHICKEN CURRY (Green curry with cauliflower, green beans, tomatoes and fresh coconut, mint, cilantro, Thai green chiles, and spices)

My waitress was kind enough to give me a complimentary scoop of CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM from Kakawa Chocolate House. It was love from the first flicker of ice cream across my tongue. I later visited


Paper Dosa

551 W. Cordova Road
Sante Fe, New Mexico 87505

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