Kakawa Chocolate House

Kakawa Chocolate House

Enjoying chocolate from Kakawa Chocolate House in Sante Fe was a true introduction into Meso American chocolate flavors

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October 29, 2023
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When I first walked into Kakawa Chocolate House, I was a bit overwhelmed. Continuing my tradition of bringing home chocolate to share from my travels, I quickly settled my mind to focus on what seemed interesting.

I was handed a sample of the European and Contemporary drinking chocolate, Kakawa’s American. Then, I was able to settle on some choices.

NM RED CHILI CARAMEL (Agave Coconut Sugar & NM Red Chili, Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Spicy NM Chili Heat)

NM LAVENDER VANILLA CARAMEL (Agave, Coconut Sugar, NM Lavender, Dipped in Dark Chocolate, Love Lavender? You’ll Love this!)

ITALIAN CARAMEL (Agave, Coconut Sugar, Fig, Pistachio, With a Hint of Fennel & 100% Chocolate Dipped in Dark Chocolate)

GREEN CHILI MARGARITA TRUFFLE (Dark Chocolate, NM Green Chili, Tequilla, Citrus & Spice)

BISCOCHITO TRUFFLE (White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Orange Zest, Anise, Cinnamon & Brandy, Kakawa’s Take on New Mexico’s State Cookie)

HORCHATA TRUFFLE (Caramelized Milk Chocolate, Ground Almond, Cinnamon & Rice Milk
A Taste of Mexico!)

CARAMELIZED PASSION FRUIT TRUFFLE (Dark Chocolate, Passion Fruit Light, Fruity & Tangy)

GOAT CHEESE & SAGE TRUFFLE (Uber Creamy Milk Chocolate, Goat Cheese & Fresh Sage Sugar Our Signature Truffle)

I’d been feeling a big sluggish since waking up. So, after sampling the CHAI (70% chocolate, organic almond milk, chai spices), the ROSE ALMOND (actually was quite spicy – 100% cacao, rose water almond, chil, coconut sugar) and the JEFFERSONIAN (70% chocolate organic almond milk, nutmeg).

Based on my taste and mood, I ordered a small Jeffersonian – with offered homemade whipped cream.

It was delicious and rich in flavor, with earthly and a bit creamy notes.

The best way to describe the chocolates are that they are earthy, more pure interpretations of chocolate in its rawest form with limited additions. It tastes very much of the raw cacao that it’s formed from.

Kakawa Chocolate House

1050 Paseo De Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

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