El Hicaco Seafood Restaurant

El Hicaco Seafood Restaurant

If you find yourself in Jaco, Costa Rica and are looking for a place to eat with the ocean as your background music – dine at at El Hicaco.

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November 20, 2022
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When the hotel concierge suggested El Hicaco as an off site restaurant for dinner, some parts of the dining party were skeptical. However, the taxi was ordered and when it arrived, we piled in. Once we arrived, El Hicaco in Jaco was everything I thought it could be – and more.

I started with the JACONUT (Ron, Malibu rum, agua de pipa, jugo de naranja y angostura). The drink was refreshing and delicious. Exactly what I wanted upon my lips to start the evening off right. I continued with the appetizer of CREMA DE LANGOSTA (Lobster bisque served on a homemade crouton). Again, this was the simply the best lobster bisque I’ve had, up to that moment. For my main course, I ordered the CORVINA CON COSTRA DE MACADAMIA Y MARACUYÁ (Seabass filet covered with macademia crust topped with passion fruit sauce). I can’t stress how delicious it was.

Everyone at the table absolutely loved their selections. It truly was one of the most outstanding dinners I had during my trip.


Paired with the Pacific Ocean in the background, a wandering mariachi band playing the worst rendition of the song Tequila I’ve ever heard, and a group of women living their best boomer lives dancing to the music and just being in joy – and it was simply an outstanding, beautiful night that can never be replicated.

Simply magical.

If I’m in a new environment and I’m traveling solo, I’m typically introverted and mind my own business. It takes me a bit to recognize people’s faces and connect them as someone I’ve met before. My mind slots people into “this person is in this social group and I met them here, so they belong here” filings.  So, I’m very happy that the ladies of the wedding party recognized me while we waited for our ATV experience and said hi. That led to this delicious experience at El Hicaco and the conversations that ensured. For that, I’m truly grateful for meeting new friends.

El Hicaco Seafood Restaurant

Calle Hicaco
Puntarenas Province, Jaco, Costa Rica

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