Chicken in a Barrel Barbecue

Having lunch at Chicken in a Barrel Barbecue in Waimea, overlooking Waimea Bay at Waimea Plantation Cottages was a rainy and delicious experience

While driving to Waimea Canyon State Park from 1Hotel Hanalei Bay, I found myself a bit hungry. After a quick search of options, I settled over stopping at Chicken in a Barrel.

Why? Because I saw a billboard of a literal chicken in a barrel and thought it was funny.

What can I say? Billboards work as effective marketing.

Driving up to the Chicken in a Barrel location at Waimea Plantation Cottages, I was met with a light rain. A football game was on in the main restaurant. So, I found myself a spot on the porch. The few from the porch, past the cottages and to Waimea Bay was visually delicious.

But, honestly not as delicious as the food.

I ordered the GARLIC CHEESE BREAD (House dough topped with mozzarella cheese and garlic, served with a side of marinara for dipping – with added pineapple) and the #1 CHICKEN PLATE (1/4 piece of barrel-smoked chicken with a side of rice & fries).

When everything arrived, I truly realized that I’d perhaps ordered too much for one person. I call the garlic cheese bread my bootleg version of a Hawaiian pizza. With the chicken plate – I really should have ordered chicken tenders. However, they were out. The fries and the rice were SO GOOD and so filling. The dipping sauces were also downright delicious.

As the rain rolled in, I felt the magic of the island.

Eating on the patio and being in the rainstorm felt like it cleansed my soul deeply.

Unfortunately for me, with the cheese bread and the chicken plate, I got full faster than I wanted to. However, I was more than thankful that I was able to fit visiting Chicken in a Barrel Barbecue into my day’s driving adventure.

Luckily, Chicken in a Barrel Barbecue has a location in Huntington Beach. Which is MUCH closer than catching a flight to Kauai.

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Chicken in a Barrel Barbecue

9400 Kaumualii Highway
Waimea, Hawaii 96796
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