The Layover: A Few Hours to Walk and Explore Windsor, England

With a six hour stopover in London, Windsor Castle was a nice way to spend a little time in England, before my next flight

Flying from Los Angeles to London, I had a few hours to spend before the flight to Faro, Portugal. Staying at Heathrow Airport for six hours certainly wasn’t an interest. So, after checking in our bags at Terminal 3, we took a bus to Windsor Castle.

After relaxing and grounding at Esquire’s Coffee, it was time to meander about Windsor. After all, it was only a short amount of time between our flight in from the US and our flight out to Portugal. It was time to make the most of it.

Windsor Castle

Windsor, SL4 1NJ, England
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Windsor Castle was a testimony to time. It’s one thing to learn about England’s history through books in America. It’s another to physically see the castle and know how much it means to history.

Alexandra Gardens

Barry Avenue, Windsor, SL4 5JA, England
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Walking around the Alexandra Gardens was truly lovely. The ferris wheel was striking against a brilliant blue sky. Families played at the tennis courts, with pronounced accents. It was a pleasure to walk such cultivated beautiful green space.

The walk back up to Windsor Bridge, along the River Thames, felt quintessentially British. If I had planned a bit better, I would have loved to take one of the small boats out on the river.

Windsor Bridge

1 Thames Side, Windsor, SL4 1QN England

After walking across Windsor Bridge and remarking about the architecture, it felt good to put my feet in the grass at the Eton school green space.

Honestly, seeing how places outside of Los Angeles truly take care of and cultivate their green space was refreshing.

Nando’s Windsor

10 Thames St, Windsor SL4 1PL, United Kingdom
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And, it felt especially delicious to end the jaunt by eating a chicken wrap with fries and peas at Nando’s. Ever since I’d watched the episode of Atlanta in which the guy had a Nando’s in his house, I’d been curious to try the actual real thing.

It was very much worth the wait. The chicken wrap was absolutely delicious.

However, I thought it would be a sort of KFC take. you items and go style set up. Nope. Nando’s is a sort of “order and dine here properly” set up.

After Nando’s, it was time to head back to Heathrow Airport.

I was thankful for spending time away from the airport and in Windsor.

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The Layover: A Few Hours to Walk and Explore Windsor, England

Windsor, England
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