Esquire’s Coffee

In wanting to ground my energy in London after a flight from the States, a coffee and snack at Esquire’s Coffee was the perfect place to let time pass in Windsor, England

When one has an extended stop in London for a few hours, there is nothing more dumb as a choice than spending 6 hours at Heathrow. Why bother? So, after checking of things to do in the area, I settled on planning a small day trip to Windsor to walk around and view Windsor Castle.

Taking the bus allowed for a cheaper option than taking an Uber. Plus, after traveling so far into the future time, it was nice to catch a few minutes of sleep.

Before I knew it, the environment of Windsor was before us. As the castle loomed, I was in awe of being back in London again.

Walking the streets, I felt that I had to get my bearings. So, I turned into Esquire’s Coffee.

It’s a simple coffee shop, with outdoor and indoor seating. I ordered the usual for me, a CAPPUCCINO and SALMON BAGEL.

Now, was it the best lox and bagel with a cappuccino I’ve ever had? Ha! No. But, was it a way to settle into a new time zone, a new country and to celebrate the start of a new adventure?

Absolutely. And it was worth it for just that.

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Esquire’s Coffee

Unit 2, 19-23 High St
Windsor SL4 1LH, United Kingdom
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