Cocktails at the Coliseum Pool & Grill at Pelican Hill Resort

Conversations and cocktails at the Coliseum Pool & Grill was a welcomed way to spend time basking in the beauty of Pelican Hill Resort, in Newport Beach, California

Walking from the Liber Pater tasting to the Coliseum Pool and Grill, Jason, William and I were stunned to find a Koenigsegg Jesko parked out front of the restaurant entrance.

It was a $3,000,000 stunner of carbon fiber decadence. I later found out that diamond dust is mixed with the paint job of a Koenigsegg, making it shimmer in the sunlight.

As the three of us stood and appreciated the vehicle, I noticed it was named Thor. As Jason said, it looked like the Batmobile, in real life.

Later, my friend Brad messaged me about the Koenigsegg, saying that he’d actually coached an owner on how to drive theirs during a private driver consultation. He described it as a 1,000 horsepower go kart, super light and handles the road impeccability.

Honestly, it made the blue Lamborghini Enzo parked behind it, owned by the self-prescribed King of Cleavage of Orange County, look common.

Making sure I had enough room in my stomach for the evening’s main event, I decided to describe the flavor profile that I wanted to the bartender.

I wanted a cocktail, served without ice / water dilution, that was bright on the tongue, citrus forward and a sipping drink without being too heavy.

She made me an off menu take on the gimlet, calling it – what I believe to remember – a Server’s Cocktail. I don’t think that was the right name, but I loved the lime and easy sipping gin based instant classic.

As Jason, William and I sat at the bar, we shared travel suggestions galore. I eagerly took notes on their recommendations in New York:

Jason and William’s Suggestions
for Great Manhattan + Brooklyn Hot Spots

Later in my time at the bar, another event coordinator of the Robb Report arrived. As I loved her braids, I complimented her on her color choice. Small talk ensured and she recommended I try Mozambique in Laguna Beach, the next time I was in the area. I eagerly took note.

Snacking on the elevated truffled popcorn, corn puffs and chips bar snacks were delicious. Sitting at the bar, the hours pass by like minutes. The sun over the Pacific Ocean was radiant as I sat, writing notes of the day.

Truly, it was a perfect spot to pass time through conversation, community and talking about food and travel.

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Coliseum Pool & Grill at Pelican Hill Resort

22701 S Pelican Hill Road
Newport Coast, California 92657
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