Robb Report Culinary Masters: Savoring the Wines of Liber Pater

Savoring the $5,000 wines of Liber Pater while overlooking the Pacific Ocean was an opportunity of decadent pleasure, in Newport Beach, CA

At the Liber Pater tasting experience during the Robb Report Culinary Masters 2024 experience, I delighted as the owner of the winery, Loïc Pasquet, personally walked us al through the sensory experience of tasting and savoring his offerings.

The Liber Pater “La Scene” (2010) was up first. This was a unique introduction to the winery’s selection. It was light and distinct on my tongue, with a distinct twang. The richness of the Old World, earthy grounded essence of the wine was powerful. Since Liber Pater doesn’t use any sulfur in their winemaking, their natural wines are rather earthly and beautifully aromatic.

As Pasquet taught us the history of the winery, I learned that Liber Pater does not align itself with an AOC. Instead, he focuses the freedom of his wines being classified as “Vin de France”. It fits – as we all know how much the French love freedom of artistic creation. Plus, at the wine’s limited availability and open market price point, Loïc has the direction and freedom to focus on passion vs mass market volume.

With this, we tasted the Liber Pater “Denarius” (2020). This was one of my favorites of the tasting selection. I loved how the wine opened up into a delicious, dry, well rounded glass of wine in my mouth.

Next up was the Liber Pater “Le Reve” (2011). I absolutely loved the label design of this vintage.

While we collectively swirled and savored, Loïc explained to us that a good wine should relax in the back of your throat, opening up fully in your mouth vs just opening up the glass. A good wine is a full bodied, sensual experience of smell, touch and taste.

“Wine is important to share.”
– Loïc Pasquet, Owner, Liber Pater Winery

Lastly poured was the 2007 Liber Pater “La Feuille – The Leave” (2007), which was my second of two favorites from the tasting selection.

I savored the wine selections before me as Loïc discussed various topics, highlighting the specially designed plastic corks vs natural cork used by Liber Pater to maximize flavor and consistently in storage. He explained to us that plastic corks are the most effective solution for well-rounded sealing. As Liber Pater wines are investment wines, it’s the little differences like this that make a difference in quality control and stability.

As I revisited the wines and selected my favorites, I delighted in the relaxed refinement of the setting. The radiant Newport Beach sky was the perfect backdrop to the event.

Concluding our experience, Loïc discussed the large 2019 Liber Pater bottle on display. For this vintage year, the winery celebrated Albert II, Prince of Monaco, by creating a label that represented the biodiversity of the oceans.

As I’d previously visited Monaco and the Oceanographic Museum, the museum of marine sciences in Monaco-Ville while in high school, I immediately understood the significance of the label. It was beautiful and a stunning representation of the labeling and statement branding of the winery.

As the event concluded, I relished the brilliance of the experience. It’s not every day I get the opportunity to taste and savor $5,000 bottles of wine.

As the Pacific Ocean glimmered in the distance, I loved and appreciated the opportunity to enjoy new friendships amid the comfortable luxury of The Resort at Pelican Hill.

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