Giorgio Baldi

Dinner at Giorgio Baldi was a decadent affair of delicious Italian food - just steps from the beach - in Pacific Palisades, California

On one beautiful day in June, the doctor and I found ourself at a spot that I’d been wanting to go ever since Rhianna was consistently spotted there, decades prior. I’d known about Giorgio Baldi for years, as it’s one of the few spots in LA that consistently offers Opus One as part of their wine program.

So, on a lovely evening, we found ourselves at a table for two – with my personal favorite request: a delicious view of the restaurant. I wanted to – nay needed to see the fashions. And they came correct.

One man – who looked very close in resemblance to a popular actor – wore an all-white Gucci jacket that made my mouth drop. It was visually luscious.

But, back to the reason we were there: the food.

I started with a delicious white wine, a pour of the 2021 Chardonnay from Frescobaldi Pomino Bianco.

Now, what I appreciated about Giorgio Baldi is their attention to detail. We mentioned to our server that we would be sharing everything. So, our CROSTINO AL PROSCIUTTO (Toasted ciabatta bread, mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, and melted butter) came out in two plates. As I sliced the bread and smelled the aroma of the browned butter, I was delighted. It was buttery, rich goodness.

Even Ted said “this is decadent.”

Next, I ordered a glass of the 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon from Faust in Napa Valley. This glass was perfect and made me appreciate the quality of Giorgio Baldi’s cultivated wine list.

Our pasta courses of RICCIARELLE AL TARTUFO (Housemade short pappardelle in a white truffle sauce) and GNOCCHI AL VOSTRO GUSTO (Homemade potato dumpling served with meat sauce) were absolutely outstanding.

What I loved about each of those dishes is that we ordered them by recommendations. The gnocchi was recommended to us by the host when I asked what her favorite dish was. And the ricciarelle was a recommendation I overheard from a table next to us, talking between themselves.

What can I say – my intuition and nosiness works brilliantly.

Our main meat course of the SCOTTA DITO (Grilled lamb chops with a mint sauce) was ridiculously delicious.

When I mentioned to the waiter that I wanted to see the dessert menu, he wisked away the menu. After talking to Ted for a bit, I noticed he came back and placed spoons at our table.

“Wait, that’s odd” I mentioned to Ted. “I said I just wanted to see the menu. Why his he being so presumptuous and setting up for dessert?”

The doctor brushed it off and started talking about something else. I should have known that a friend I’ve known since middle school would have a surprise up his sleeve.

When the waiter surprised me with the BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING for dessert, I was truly surprised and delighted.

Ted mentioned that the waiter said it was the highest recommended desert on the menu. And that’s when I knew his “trips to the bathroom” were more than likely his arrangement with the server to celebrate my upcoming birthday with this scrumptious treat.

Afterwards, while standing at the valet area, I mistook a paparazzi for the valet. They’re literally standing there, in black – so naturally, it made sense.

Apparently Tobey Maguire and KD Lang were around.  But, I didn’t really care about that. I got annoyed that valet parking was $20 because I paid with a credit card vs cash price of $17.

But, c’est la vie. When the food and ambiance is that good, it doesn’t matter.

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Giorgio Baldi

114 W Channel Road
Santa Monica, California 90402


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