Basecamp Dinette

After a bike ride, relaxing and eating brunch at Basecamp Dinette served a cozy, campfire comfort aesthetic in Burbank, California

After an awesome bike ride with Rosemary – with a stop at Tadaa Coffee – it felt extremely good to finish my first ride since my fibroid removal surgery. To celebrate – and because we were both fairly hungry – it was time to eat. Basecamp Dinette was the perfect spot: close enough, decent parking and a great menu.

As it was early afternoon on the weekend, there was a slight line. However, plenty of seating to go around. I ordered a serving of ORANGE JUICE and the LAVENDER WAFFLE (Buttermilk waffle, house-made lavender butter, lavender syrup & chicken sausage).

Honestly, the Lavender Waffle was a pleasant idea in concept. However, when it arrived in front of me, I was underwhelmed. I didn’t not expect the chicken sausage to be cut up and placed on top of the waffle pieces. The lavender butter was good. And, I enjoyed the sprig of lavender accompanying the serving.

But, tasting the garlic parmesan fries that Rosemary ordered with her burger? Those was awesome.

Next time, I really want to visit a bit later in the day, eat barbecue at Scout’s Honor BBQ and have the full evening experience.

On a previous bike ride with Leanne, we stopped at Basecamp for a mid ride coffee – and ended up staying in the warm and inviting space for a few hours. It was a delight to discuss philosophy and life while sipping a MOCHA LATTE, imagining we were sitting by the campfire.

With both of my visits, eating and spending time at Basecamp Dinette was the perfect place to unwind after a bike ride around Burbank.

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Basecamp Dinette

1221 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, California 91506
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